30,000 DAYS - THE BAND

30,000 Days was formed in 2014 in Denver, Colorado with goal of writing and performing classic rock-n-roll music. The music is old school, related (perhaps a cousin) to the rock music streaming out of our car windows and up and down the streets of our teenage years. Loud guitars, hard hitting rhythms, and most of all melodic hooks that stay in your head, long after the songs have stopped give 30,000 Days enough energy to power a fighter jet. It's a fuel that burns full-throttle, ignited by the heat of soulful voices with the power and passion of live performance.
Though all members sing, it is the unique interaction and entwinement of Lars' and Tracey's voices that produce those powerful and unique 30,000 Days melodies and harmonies that grab you and don’t let go.
While the songs kick butt and rock, they are also foot tapping, danceable, accessible songs that you could, (and should) easily hear on your favorite radio station.
The name of the band is based on an estimate of the average human life. It is reflection of the journey and the path that we are all on, and the stark realization that we all have a limited time.
Lars writes simple songs about complex things: love, family, home. Phrases turn, emotions connect, melodies soar. You sing along even though you've never heard the tune before. There is a sublime perspective of distances, of interludes between lovers and lives, and the roads that lead on our life’s journeys. There is an existence in time, and fulfillment of each of our precious days.


30,000 Days - The Members


Lars has been successful fronting bands, with vocals and guitar, in New England and New York since high school.  Further honing his musical craft, Lars has also owned recording studios recording and producing multiple artists over the last 20 years.  Lars has unbridled passion for songwriting and is the principle songwriter for 30,000 Days. But he is also a dynamic and powerful live performer, whose energy is infectious.


Tracey began her singing and performing with 30,000 Days. Growing up in a very musical family and receiving classical piano training gave her foundation to quickly blossom as both a vocalist and keyboardist. Live she is visually captivating, energetic and always extremely charming.