When enough is enough  And I've taken too much
No one's gonna blame me for the things I did to fight the fight

What I still need to do, is heal the wounds
I can't stop the bleeding from you, ooh ooh ooh ooh

Loves gone away, Loves ran away with you baby, your crazy
I'm so over you. I've taken my cue to change my life 

When there's nowhere to run from the things that you've done
Tell it like it is and the truth it hurts sometimes, sometimes 

And I'm talking to you. Can't you see the signs?
I won't stop believing in love, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Oh oh oh oh
I'm never going back now
Oh oh oh oh
There's way too much at stake
Oh oh oh oh
Don't ever want to see you again

No regrets, no regrets

And theres nothing for you, leave it all behind.
I won't stall the feeling for you ooh ooh ooh ooh

Love went away, love ran away with you bady, its crazy
I'm so over you, I've started anew. I've changed my life

Oh oh oh oh oh, Oh oh oh oh oh, Oh oh oh oh oh

No regrets, no turning back
No regrets, I won't back down
No regrets, no turning back
No regrets, yeah yeah